Photo: The driver of the car remained at the scene, with paramedics saying it was believed the person was blinded by the sun. Cyclist david Shelberg also escaped injury but said his wife was one of those injured and taken to hospital. Traffic was flowing again by late Thursday night. "We had five of our riders hit by a car, none of them were in a good way at all, so i just hope they're all." 'Car looks like it's been hit by another car'. More than 140 whales are dead after a mass stranding at Hamelin bay, 315 kilometres south of Perth, with six survivors moved back out to sea following a major rescue operation. The shooting happened along Lower Wacker Drive and south Water Street. He said the cyclists had been riding in a group together for about seven years. (Facebook: Julian Drake ). (abc news: Isobel roe) Topics: emergency-incidents, emergency-planning, disasters-and-accidents, road, accidents, west-end-4101, qld, bevalling brisbane-4000. Why do whales become stranded? "We've got to look at roads like dornoch Terrace and look at its function and improve it for everybody.". Amtrak worker killed at south loop facility

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Photo: A mangled bike after being hit by the prive car. (abc news) "What we do know is the car was essentially turning out onto the road and didn't have visibility of the cyclists. "I was in front.". "They've all been exceptionally lucky, certainly given the mechanism involved, and of course we have high concerns for any cyclist who's been struck by a car he said. Family farm at the centre of rockmelon outbreak named. Queensland Ambulance service spokesman Matt davis said "potentially the angle of the sun may have come into play" in today's incident. Beekeepers rush to cash in on rare megablossom. Abc education - splash

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He said he rijangst was ahead of the group and escaped the crash, but circled back when he realised what happened. He said he thought she had not been seriously injured, but others might have fared worse. Friday is the most popular day for the trip. (Facebook: Julian Drake) "I just saw an absolute mess he said. Cyclist Tom Nash, who was part of the group, said it was a "complete disaster" and there had been bikes snackbar and bodies everywhere, with some bikes broken in two.

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  • A driver who may have been blinded by the sun runs into a group of cyclists at West End, in inner-city Brisbane, injuring five people, including one who. Alx para blackberry curve 8520

Animal Behavior College where Animal lovers Pursue

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